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Who Are We?

The SAYES Program is an entrepreneurial leadership program for young people who are forward-thinking and active participants in their communities. 

It is an opportunity for high schoolers in the US and Slovakia to kick-start their entrepreneurship through participation in this program. 

We aim to inspire youth in both the USA and Slovakia to ‘start something’ of their own and offer them support in their efforts. 

SAYES is an opportunity for the youth in the USA and Slovakia to build lasting connections with each other.


Improving the quality of life in Slovakia and the USA through fostering US-Slovak collaboration in an increasingly globalized world. 


To create an enabling and collaborative environment for American and Slovak youths to pursue entrepreneurship in order to improve the lives of global citizens/those around them.


Students and Educators will engage in the first segment of our program which consists of expert-led training in the modern Design-Thinking model for entrepreneurship, Research Methods and Skills, Fundraising as well as Community Engagement. Thereafter students will be grouped according to interests and coached by a mentor. In these groups, they will collaborate to implement the skills that they have learnt and deliver a community-based project. Finally, the program culminates with the SAYES Symposium in Slovakia where all students come together to celebrate their achievements. SAYES Champions are immersed in a cultural experience that includes site-visits and social/networking events. The SAYES Symposium ends off with a University Fair and sentiments on the future of youth entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Why Should I Attend SAYES?

  1. It is an exciting opportunity for young American and Slovak students to gain the tools and support they need in order to pursue impactful youth entrepreneurship.
  2. Be a part of an international network of youngsters who are changing the world through building cross-cultural connections.
  3. This is an opportunity that helps to equip both students and educators with various modern skill sets to help them succeed.
  4. SAYES offers alongside a thriving learning environment, offers a rich cultural experience where Slovak and American students learn about each other’s cultures. Students also get to explore Bratislava.
  5. Thinking of applying to college/university? We can help you connect with admissions counselors who are experts in the field of admissions in Slovakia and in the US.

Virtual Lecture/Training and Empowerment Series

  1. Design Thinking for Students
  2. Design Thinking for Teachers
  3. Research Methods and Skills
  4. Fund Raising
  5. Impact for Community: How to Engage Community Members


Key Note Speech
Cultural Performances
Impact Presentations
My Story: Stories from the youth and educators of the USA and Slovakia
Explore Bratislava
University Fair(European and American Institutions)
Into The Future: The Future of Youth Entrepreneurship

Program Fee

The Cost for participation in the program will be announced soon. Students have the opportunity to apply for need-based financial assistance as well as we do our best to ensure that finances are not a barrier for the participation of talented students.

Program Schedule and Symposium Dates


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